Geoffroy: Fifty kilometers the fifth month

29.06.2023 16:32 EZS Slovensko
June was a month of hiking, cultural experiences, and volunteer work in Slovakia. From exploring picturesque trails to organizing multicultural events, it was a fulfilling and enriching time filled with adventure and personal growth

Fifty kilometers the fifth month.

This month of June was a great opportunity to use my beloved walking shoes again. You know, there is a lot of interesting ways around Bratislava for hiking. Indeed, I used a lot of my free time to walk in these beautiful and peaceful places. There was:

  • Rozhľadňa (9,81 km)
  • Biely Kríž, in the Bratislava City Forest (17,62 km)
  • The forest around Devin (10,11 km)
  • Aussichtsturm Königswarte, in Austria (15 km)


A total of 52 kilometres! I think I can be proud of that. And I am not counting the hike with Amandine, Peto and Juliana in Mala Fatra at the beginning of this month. It was a nice adventure with them. Indeed, the 3th of June, I discovered with the beauty of Terchova region. I learned that the famous Janosik – a kind of Robin Hood – was active in this land some centuries ago, according to some legends.


By the way, I also walked in some learning things like the Leadership Academy in the city of Banská Štiavnica it was a great opportunity to developing and acquiring skills in the management of international projects and volunteers in a multicultural environment. During this weekend, Amandine and I organized the Feast of Cultures. The meal I chose for Belgium was the famous “mitraillettes”.

It is a type of sandwich in Belgium commonly served at friteries. A typical mitraillette consists of Half a baguette with fries, fried meat and sauce. It was created between the two World Wars and, actually, the most giant mitraillettes selled in Belgium measure 1,3 metres.


This training was intensive. And just after, I went to the place of the workcamp I´ll lead with Adrian: Lukovistia. It is a small village in the south of Slovakia. I met Martin, the local partner. With him, Adrian and the other volunteers, we will renovate and old school. An old building that was created in 1928… such history.


Schools seems be thematic in this month because, some days later, I was in Naše mesto with the team for helping with storage. It was physical but cool, especially the lunch time after with pizzas. I think it was a kind of aperitive for what is waiting for me this summer, workcamps and renovations. I have to mention the activies in Kindergarten this 28th of June : painting floor and put colors great again in this space. Under the sun, it was fun.


I hope I’ll be ready. Fortunately, we had a Slovak lesson about vocabulary for workcamp. I am sure it will be useful.


I also hope I’ll continue to improve my English. It is very useful. Indeed, this 1st of June I made a promotion, with Amandine and Mirka,  of the volunteering activities in the school. A new presentation in English… wow. And some days later, I was participating in a Tea Meeting – The Climate Fresk - that was organized by Amandine.


 It was a good workshop. I learn some news and useful facts about the climate crisis. It is a topic I really like. All of us must act, because the biodiversity is under a lot of threats caused by human activities. Actually, I am not sure that everyone realizes the seriousness of this crisis. In Belgium, the government is only taking very timid measures to counter this. Politicians are content with announcement effects and "green washing" communication stunts. None of them care about climate crisis.


Hopefully, there is some citizens who care in Europe. That’s why I am happy to take part at the workcamps : Lukovistia and ECO-Slatinka (an eco-village).

I am impatient. See u soon for the next of my adventures.




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