Amandine: a month full of activities

02.06.2023 10:02 EZS Slovensko


May has come to the end, and it's time to tell you what happened... many visits, discoveries, activities with INEX and, above all, a lot of love

In this article, I share with you my new experiences, my missions as an ESC volunteer at INEX and my feelings!
May started with a long weekend, my friend Naïs from France took the opportunity to come and visit me in Bratislava for 3 days. I showed her the main places in the city, she tasted Slovak food, and we also hiked around the Kamzík TV Tower. It was so great, she really liked her stay and I was happy to see her and to show her my place. During this weekend, there was also the Bratislava Majáles, an open-air festival on the Danube embankment and with free entry, it was also really cool to share this with her!

Next Saturday, we had the Mile for Mum event in the family center Prešporkovo, we celebrated Mother’s Day and the 20th anniversary of this event. Lots of activities were proposed for children and mums, many people came and it was amazing to see parents and children full of happiness and just happy. I really enjoyed being among the volunteers for this event!

The next weekend was again full of discoveries and lovely people, an event was organized with ESC volunteers near the city of Poprad. We went hiking in the National Park of Pieniny located on the border with Poland. We also went to the High Tatras, it was just amazing…like a postcard landscape. I definitely want to go back and enjoy this place even more.

The last week of May filled my heart even more, my parents came for 1 week to Bratislava. It was so good to see them and to be reunited after 3 months! We visited many places, some for the first time for me, like the Devín Castle or the town of Trnava.

Concerning INEX, weeks are quite busy, between tea meetings, preparation for workcamps, trainings, events, Slovak lessons, and not forgetting the walks with Edo… so we never get bored :)

Stay tuned for the next chapters of my adventures and my summer full of activities!


Bratislava Majáles with Naïs

Slovak food :-)

Chimney cake

Kamzík TV Tower

Míľa pre mamu in Prešporkovo