Amandine: Slovakia is a good idea☺

29.06.2023 16:12 EZS Slovensko


The last month before summer has come to the end… this month was full of activities, especially with INEX, and also full of discoveries!

In this article, I share with you my new experiences, my missions as an ESC volunteer at INEX and my feelings!

The month began with the children's day, and for this occasion, we made a presentation of INEX and volunteering in general in a school (1. súkromne gymnázium Bajkalská). It was the opportunity to motivate young people to volunteer, and even better, with INEX.☺ With Geoffroy, we also shared our experience as ESC volunteers in Slovakia.

The following weekend, we went to Malá Fatra mountains with Geoffroy and our mentors. This national park is located 2 hours by car from Bratislava and this is really a little paradise. The most beautiful landscapes I've seen since I arrived in Slovakia! We did a hike that started in Terchová through Janošikove diery where there are lots of ladders, small waterfalls and cascades. This hike is quite challenging but definitely worth it! We also visited the typical village of Čičmany, a cute place with folk architecture.

Afterwards, it was time to prepare this summer, with the part 2 of the Leadership Academy in Banská Štiavnica. This training weekend was a simulation of a workcamp with interesting and interactive workshops. It gave us a complete overview of how a workcamp works. I think we are now ready to coordinate workcamp… the first starts in almost one week and I can’t wait to experience it!

The fine weather in June also gave us the opportunity to do some volunteering activities outside. The first one was in ZŠ Lachova (primary school) and the second was in MŠ Haanova (kindergarten). I love this kind of activity, which gives the opportunity to meet new people and, above all, to do little things to make the outside environment more pleasant for children/students.

Then, we celebrated a second time the 30 years of INEX, it was a lovely and happy moment!
I also animated a tea meeting about climate change which consisted of placing cards on a large sheet of paper to create a fresk which shows the causes and effects of climate change. This educational game was created by a french NGO "La Fresque du Climat" and it's a good way to learn more about this important subject.
As you can see, we never get bored at INEX! 

Ho and I visited the second biggest city in Slovakia, Košice. I really liked the city and I will have the opportunity to visit it again during July and August as two of my workcamps are located in the East of Slovakia.

Soo see you in September where I'll have plenty more to tell you!!


Presentation at school

Weekend in Malá Fatra