Our team

Majka - Head of the office

Founder of INEX Slovakia

Head of the office

Monika - Incoming

Monika's first international camp was in Slovakia in 2012. This camp with volunteers from Japan vs. volunteers from Slovakia motivated her to lead camps in Slovakia. She later started working at INEX as an EVS coordinator. She is currently in charge of incoming volunteers and training of camp leaders in Slovakia.

Mirka - Outgoing

Mirka took part in her first camp in England. The following year she started to lead camps in Slovakia and became the EVS coordinator. She currently sends volunteers to workcamps abroad (outgoing)and is in charge of marketing.

Jarka - On maternity leave 

ESC coordinator Jarka came to us as a volunteer in 2010 from Serbia. She fell in love with Slovakia and started working here as the EVS coordinator. She later became the Outgoing officer and is currently on maternity leave.

Barbi - ESC 

Barbi came to INEX in 2000. Her first workcamp was in France. She began to lead camps in Slovakia and later she worked at INEX as the EVS coordinator, Outgoing officer and Office manager. Then she was in charge of incoming volunteers and training leaders in Slovakia. She is currently the ESC coordinator.

European Solidarity Corps volunteers

EVS Iryna
Volunteer from Ukraine

EVS Chiara
Volunteer from Italy

The INEX mascot


Working groups

Training team


Our trainers are not grey-bearded old men. They are young people who have attended various trainings at home and abroad. They train new leaders of international volunteer camps. The training team is by invitation only :) so if you think you belong there, you have to do your best.


Promo team

It consists of a group of volunteers who have participated in our activities in the past. They want as many people as possible to learn about volunteering, not just from their friends or acquaintances. They create informative posters and documents, represent INEX and volunteering at schools, festivals and events.

Do you enjoy marketing, graphic design, creating videos, photography and would you like to add some work experience to your CV?
Write to us at out@inex.sk and join the team. :)

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