What activities can I participate in through INEX?

You can participate in volunteering and educational activities in Slovakia, abroad or online.

Why participate in international volunteering activities and trainings?

By helping others, you can also help yourself. As a volunteer or training participant, you will communicate in a foreign language, meet people from all over the world, become more independent, self-confident and enriched with unforgettable experiences and friendships. Read some experiences from our volunteers.

Is it safe to travel with INEX?

We have been active in Slovakia since 1993. We are members of the Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations, the Youth Council of Slovakia and partners of Service Civil International. It is therefore safe to travel with us.

We care about the quality of volunteering projects and the reliability of our partners.

Our partner organisations have emergency telephone numbers and before leaving for the camp or training, the participant will also receive our emergency number, where he/she can contact us in case of emergency.

I’m interested in a short-term project

You can choose from:

  • international volunteering camps in Slovakia and abroad (2-3 weeks)
  • virtual workcamps (1 week)
  • youth exchanges (approx. 10 days)
  • trainings for workcamp leaders in Slovakia (2 weekend trainings)
  • international trainings abroad (approx. 1 week)
  • one-day volunteering activities (1 day)
  • travel and educational evenings (1 evening)

I’m interested in a long-term project
  • MTV/LTV mid-term, long-term projects (1 month – 1 year)
  • European Solidarity Corps (2 months – 1 year)

What project expenses should I consider?
  • international volunteering workcamps in Slovakia and abroad - the volunteer pays a participation fee to INEX (€ 75), travel there and back, insurance, an extra fee if it is mentioned in the description of the workcamp, costs associated with a COVID-19 test or quarantine. The workcamp provides food, accommodation and sometimes a weekend program.
  • virtual workcamps - free 
  • youth exchanges - this is an Erasmus+ project of the EU. The participant will have their trip reimbursed up to a specified amount (approx. 180 €), food and accommodation will be provided. The participant pays a participation fee of € 20 (for youth exchanges) and secures their own insurance.
  • trainings for camp leaders in Slovakia – a participation fee and transport.
  • international trainings abroad - this is an Erasmus+ project of the EU. The participant will have their trip reimbursed up to a specified amount (approx. 275 €), food and accommodation will be provided. The participant pays a participation fee of € 20 (for trainings abroad) and secures his/her own insurance.
  • one-day volunteering activities – free
  • travel and educational evenings - free
  • MTV/LTV mid-term, long-term projects - the volunteer pays a participation fee to INEX, travel there and back, insurance, an extra fee if it is mentioned in the project description. During the project the volunteers are provided with food, accommodation and sometimes a weekend program.
  • European Solidarity Corps (2-12 months) - this is a project of the EU. The participant will have their trip reimbursed up to a specified amount (approx. 275 €), and is provided with food, accommodation, insurance, a language course and pocket money.

Will I earn money during the project?

All projects and events organised by INEX Slovakia and our partner organisations are managed within the philosophy of volunteering, i.e. that workcamps and other projects (MTV, LTV, ESC) are organised as part of voluntary assistance, either social or physical.

This means that participants do not earn money abroad, but the received experience, knowledge, contacts with new people, cultures, adventures and the feeling of satisfaction over the completed "work" is worth much more than earning money. To balance it out, accommodation and food is provided during the whole project.

How do I sign up?

You can apply online. Just follow the instructions on the project page (link https://inex.sk/sk/a/8/ako-dobrovolnik). We’re sure you can handle it. :)

I'm not 18 yet. What can I participate in?

Check the age limits for each project. There are fewer projects for teenagers overall and they get booked quickly. We recommend not hesitating for too long, because participants from other countries will register more quickly.

What we will need from you: an original copy of your application signed by your legal representative (parent), a parental authorisation form (for foreign partners) and often also any important medical conditions (medical factsheet).

What language will I communicate in and what level should I have?

Most projects are in English. However, there are some projects where participants communicate in German, French or Spanish. The participant must be able to speak at A2 level in that language. Language tests are not done before projects.

Where should I send the INEX participation fee?

The participant can pay the participation fee by transfer / deposit to our account in Tatrabanka:

SK26 1100 0000 0026 6745 5125

In the field “message for the recipient” or “purpose of payment”, the participant should enter their surname and first name, so that the payment will be easily identifiable. They can also pay in person at the INEX Slovakia office (check our opening hours).

When will my application become valid?

We accept the application after the participant agrees to the Conditions of participation and after we receive the participation fee. To speed up processing, we recommend sending a confirmation of the transfer of your participation fee to our e-mail out(at)inex.sk.


What should I do if I can no longer participate?

If you cannot travel, let us know immediately. You can find the cancellation process in the Conditions of participation.

Are the projects on the website up-to-date?

We update the projects on our website at the end of the week. However, it is necessary to select several projects according to your preference. We send your application to the first camp on your list.

In case it is full, we will continue with your second choice, and repeat until you are accepted. You can only be admitted to 1 camp in each application. We do not contact all organisations from the application at once, but one by one according to your chosen order.

Volunteers are accepted by a foreign organisation. Usually they apply the rule of whoever sends the application first has a higher chance of being accepted. Applications are sent by organisations around the world, and if someone else is accepted to the camp you chose, we can't send your application there.

How many projects should I choose?

There are 10 options in the application. Only choose the projects you are interested in and have checked how you can get there. Listing more options increases your chances of acceptance and speeds up the process in case your first choice is taken. If all of your selected camps become full, we will contact you.

When will I receive a confirmation of acceptance ?

For international volunteer workcamps, it usually takes about 1-2 weeks. It depends on how many projects are in the application and if some of them become fully booked. MTV / LTV / ESC projects have a longer admission process.

What should I do if I get lost abroad?

Ask local people. Contact the partner organisation. If you still don't know what to do, call the INEX emergency number.

I am going on my first workcamp, what should I know?

Come to the meeting of first-timers at our office. We send the invitation to everyone accepted to a workcamp.

You will learn: Tips, tricks, advice and experiences, the "camp life cycle", how to get to the workcamp, work at the workcamp, what to expect, communication at the workcamp, INEX Slovakia in brief, answers to your questions and much more...

When are workcamps added to the website?

A large meeting of partner organisations takes place at the beginning of March, which we attend regularly. At this time, we start adding projects to the website. We recommend applying as soon as possible. Gradually, the projects will be taken up by volunteers from around the world.

When should I sign up?

As soon as possible. It is best to do so in March, when most workcamps are still available for the summer period and transportation is cheaper.

What is an “extra fee”?

An extra fee is needed by organisations that would not otherwise be able to manage their projects due to limited financial resources.

Why do I pay INEX a participation fee?

We are a non-profit organisation and therefore we do not operate with the purpose of generating a profit and we do not provide paid services. Your participation fee is a contribution to the activities of INEX Slovakia and we use it to partially finance our activities in Slovakia. Our partner organisation pays for your stay abroad in a similar way - from collected participation fees, grants and other sources.

Why should I become a member of INEX Slovakia?

We send information about our upcoming activities to all of our members. A significant advantage of membership is a discount on participation fees.

Can I go on a project with a friend?

When a volunteer wants to attend a workcamp with another person, they must state their friend’s name in the application.

When will I receive more information about the project?

As a rule, no later than 14 days before the first day of the project, we will send the participant instructions for participation (also known as an infosheet). The infosheet contains directions on how to travel to the project location, information about work, educational activities and accommodation. The instructions may also include information on leisure activities, insurance and so on.

Where can I travel?

To all countries that are in the search engine. Volunteers are involved in projects mainly in Germany, Italy, Spain, France and Iceland. More experienced volunteers like to discover Japan, South Korea, Mexico, but also India, Kenya and Nepal.

In 2022, we will send volunteers mainly to projects in Europe, given the risk of spreading COVID-19.

From which countries can I meet volunteers?

Volunteers come from all over the world. :) You will often meet people from Japan, Russia, Germany, South Korea, France, Finland, Spain, Italy, Ukraine, Mexico, Australia or Hong Kong. The rule is that a maximum of 2 volunteers may come from one country, and we try to balance the camps, i.e. half of the participants are guys and the other half are girls.

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