Braňo: New blood flows into Amazonas

13.03.2023 13:35 EZS zahraničie
Hello there, stranger. My name is Bran, and I am the new Amazonas volunteer from Slovakia. I will be here in Zagreb with all of you for almost a whole year, and I am looking forward to posting a new article every month. Hopefully, my studies in English language prove useful, and I will be able to breathe a different kind of life into these articles. My first article is about our arrival. So, you will get a little bit of insight into our project. Also, you will get to know more about the new volunteers.
Viac o Braňovom ESC projekte si môžete prečítať priamo v článku na stránke jeho host organization: Udruga Amazonas

Dobrovoľníci ESC sú podporovaní programom EÚ - Európsky zbor solidarity. 

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