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Evelīna: The spring is here
02.04.2024 13:18
This month started quite busy and turned out quite challenging for me, because of getting sick and on the very top having the constant feeling of missing out. Although fighting an illness and having unfortunate feelings about what is happening, some amusing things also happened. Are you curious how this month turned out for me as an ESC volunteer? Then read ahead. 
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Anaïs: Our second month in Bratislava and full of activities
28.03.2024 10:34


I can't believe that we are ending the month of March. It feels strange because I don't feel like I've been here for two months in Bratislava. I think the best part is that I feel at home.

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Evelīna: My first month in Slovakia
27.02.2024 10:55

Ahoj! ❤️  

It is a time for a new adventure or as INEX would say it is time to find yourself in the ocean of adventures. I arrived here in Bratislava on the 31st of January by bus from Vienna. Upon my arrival I met Barbi, our INEX coordinator, who showed me the flat, which I will be sharing with two other volunteers, Anaïs and Leonardo. At this specific moment I did not know anything about them except that one of the volunteers is from the Spain and the other one is from the Italy and so it remained a mystery until the 1st of February, when I first got to meet them. 1st of February was also my first day when I went to see a bit of city center, together with Leo. To get to the city center was quite challenging for us since we were going in circles at the very beginning in Petržalka, but when we got there, we saw the main square, men at work statue and the Blue Church. We were in another country, and everything felt new.  
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Leonardo: My first steps here in Slovakia
27.02.2024 10:26

Would you ever have the courage to leave your country and move for 11 months to a new country where you don't know anyone and where sometimes even language becomes an obstacle? 

I did. 

But before I tell you about the first month I spent here, let's start from the beginning. 

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Anaïs: My first experience abroad being volunteering in Bratislava (Slovakia) 
27.02.2024 09:22

Hello! My name is Anaïs, I'm 30 years old, and I come from Spain. Since the 1st of February, I have been volunteering at ESC (European Solitary Corps) and have been living in Bratislava, Slovakia. But if you would like to know more about my history, please continue reading! ;) 


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Anaïs: My first days in Bratislava (Part II)
27.02.2024 09:28


I am surprised because this month was full of surprises and moments that I could never imagine, such as meeting people, going to many places, and even starting Slovak classes.  

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Robí správny líder chyby?
04.05.2022 14:39

Líder skupiny. Líder krajiny. Líder tímu. Líder sem, líder tam. Zdá sa, že tento pojem sa v našom slovníku a v oblasti pracovného trhu udomácnil. Zrejme by sme na internete našli aj niekoľko článkov o tom, ako byť správny, dokonalý líder. Až na to, že dokonalý líder neexistuje. Alebo existuje?

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Amandine: a summer I will remember
18.09.2023 12:10


The last 2 months were fuuuull of activities! The busiest summer of my life so far… but also the most fulfilling and nourishing that I’ve ever had.

In this article, I share with you my experience of 3 workcamps in a row and my feelings afterwards!

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Geoffroy : Once upon a December
14.12.2023 15:40
It was so fast. This volunteering was a great experience. I will come back in Belgium with a lot of good memories.
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Amandine: goodbye ♡
14.12.2023 12:26


This review is only for half of the month, since it's time for me to leave Slovakia! It's incredible that this is already the end of my project... I really can't believe it!

In this article, I share with you my last activities with INEX, how I feel about my departure and it's also the time for the final goodbye. :-)

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