Iryna: Final article of the ESC project "Summer leader"

26.10.2022 12:53 EZS Slovensko
Hi guys. I want to update you about my life as ESC volunteer.

At the end of September, we had a meeting with the leaders of all INEX Slovakia summer camps, called "Potáborka." During this activity we discussed this year's workcamp season, ways of studying as new leaders, our workcamps - situations that happened and our reactions to them, problems that we had and how we solved them and also ways how to improve future camps. We also received certificates from accredited training. After this part we spent few hours in bowling. Where we played good game and had time for talking.

In october we also held a "Creative tea meeting". We met new people and also those we already knew. It was good to meet and talk with people from Ukraine and Slovakia. During this meeting we learned how to make brooches using different materials, such as felt and beeds and how to weave bracelets of friendship.

Part of our office with other volunteers helped to fill in medical cards in health center for refugees from Ukraine at Rovniankova street.

I was part of a preparation team for the Tea Meeting focused on bag and other cloth coloring which we had in November and was happy to participate at creative Christmas event in December.

I shot a video that is part of the theme: "Meet INEX Office" You can see it here and learn more about my journey as an ESC volunteer.

After living in Bratislava for nine months and traveling around I understand that I want to stay here. So, I started to look for a job here. And as people says: “who seeks - finds”. Therefore, unfortunately, I am leaving the project, but I am not leaving Slovakia, and I hope for further cooperation with Inex Slovakia.

So, after reflecting on myself and project, finishing the Youthpass and thinking about the competencies I have gained during the ESC project "Summer leader," it is time to say thank you and goodbye. 



                                                                              EZS dobrovoľníkov podporuje program Európsky Zbor Solidarity

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