Youth Exchanges


Youth Exchanges are a unique opportunity to meet people from different countries with similar interests. During the exchanges, they have the opportunity to discuss a pre-determined topic, thus exchanging experiences and learning new ones.

The topics are varied, such as European citizenship, migration, human rights, environmental protection, etc. Such meetings usually last 6-21 days and are intended for people aged 13 to 30. They usually take place in the summer months. Exchanges are attended by national groups with 4 or more participants and 1 leader.

This project is funded by the European Commission's Erasmus + Programme. Participants are provided with accommodation, food and materials, their travel expenses are also reimbursed.

However, the exchange is not just a free trip, but has its own rules and programme. Participants are required to prepare before the start of the project, because they are the creators and implementers of project activities (e.g. participants prepare a presentation about their country, cook their national food, prepare a series of photographs, a theatrical performance, an exhibition, ...).

The icing on the cake is the Youthpass – a certificate of acquired competencies that each participant will receive.

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