International Trainings

International trainings are attended by people who want to learn something new and want to meet people from other countries. The trainings are organised by non-profit organisations from the EU, which must be accredited for this activity.

In addition to sending participants abroad for international training, we also organise them in Slovakia.

These are usually week-long courses that are organised throughout the year.

They focus on a specific topic, e.g. media education, training for trainers, multicultural education.

In addition to broadening their horizons, the bonus for the participants is reimbursement of accommodation, meals, materials and travel expenses (according to distance of travel).

However, the training is not a free trip, but has its goals, rules and programme. Participants are required to participate actively (presentation of their country, involvement in activities).

The reward is invaluable experience and unforgettable adventures with people from different countries. You will also receive the Youthpass - a certificate of acquired competencies that can be added to your CV.


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