Agri-Farming in Tropical Malaysia

MY-SCI 11.1
1.2.2018 - 13.2.2018
agricultural, manual, peace
18 - 99
Voľné miesta:
Muž: 3, Žena: 2
Extra fee:
120 euro

Start Date: 2018-02-01, End Date: 2018-02-13
Number of volunteers: 15, Topic: Climate and sustainable lifestyle
International age: 18 - 99
National age: 16 - 99

Description: The workcamp will be held in a 100 acres orchard in Lanchang, Pahang 100 Km from Kuala Lumpur, the capital of the Malaysia. Ms Foong and her brother Joseph has been runing this huge orchard for many years, focusing on a few types of crops. Namely kaffir lime, kedondong, yellow lemon, jackfruit, calamansi, persian lime and many more.

The farm is surrounded by many other farms and is separated into 3 different areas, planting various fruits. The nearest town is Lanchang around 5km away with basic amenities.

Work learning will be part of the workcamp, where volunteer will experience the process of planting, harvesting and selling at the wholesale market. There are always work to be done. An opportunity to lead a simple farmer's life away from the traffic, jams and pollution of the city

Type of Work: : The volunteers will work and help in the farm - with trimming fruit trees, harvesting and green management . Be open and prepared for varied farm's work. There are always interesting and needed work available in the farm and camp. Be prepared for 6 hrs of work daily.

Volunteers will have one day off from work to visit the wholesale market and to rest.

Study Theme: The main idea is to provide an opportunity to work in a production farm and its natural surrounding and experience an environment that is not only Eco-sustainable but one that promotes also a peaceful, natural and simple way of living. There will be discussion and activities on the various concept of Natural Farming and its benefits.

Malaysia though a secular country with Islam as their official religion has an interesting multiracial and cultural society and provides an excellent study case where people can lives in harmony. This would be an area for open discussion too.

Accommodation: Basic accommodation in dorm rooms with bunk beds with attached bathroom. It is highly recommended to bring a light blanket and toileteries with you.

No Wifi however, one may subscribe to the many mobile network. We strongly urge participants refrain from playing with e-games or engaged in chat-groups during our Study Group Discussion and Reflection time.

Language: English is widely understood, though Malay and Cantonese (a Chinese Dialect) are commonly used for daily conversation.

Requirements: Interested in fruit farming and multiracial discussion. Willing to experience a simple farm life. Independent and able to find his way around. Willing to learn and share. Only motivated volunteers are invited to apply.

Approximate Location: Lanchang, Pahang. 100 km from Kuala Lumpur.


Notes: 1) Life at the farm is a very natural and simple one. The site is located at the outskirts of a small village surrounded by the jungle, which provides a soothing but vibrant soundscape – especially at night. Therefore the volunteer should be comfortable with sounds as expected from a farm

2) Meals will be cooked collectively mostly on site;

3) The farm has sufficient toilet capability, but it uses the traditional Asian style (squat toilet).

Extra fee to be paid in the hosting country: 120.00 Euro

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