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Kuromatsunai 1 (Hokkaido)

JP-NIC 10.1804221
22.4.2018 - 28.4.2018
18 - 99
Voľné miesta:
Muž: 2, Žena: 2

JP-NIC 10.1804221 Kuromatsunai 1 (Hokkaido)

Start Date: 2018-04-22, End Date: 2018-04-28
Number of volunteers: 7, Topic: Environment protection
International age: 18 - 99

Description: This workcamp has been organized together with Buna-no-mori Shizen Gakko (nature school with beech forests) since 2003 (2015 for this work). BSG was started in 1998 to promote ecological education for kids and run various kinds of kids programs. They have started to create an organic, community farm where various kinds of people can gather and heal their bodies and mind. They are planting berries and vegetables and creating biotope along a stream in 20ha of the land and need a lot of voluntary power to develop!

Type of Work: We will mainly help to develop the farm and the biotope by cutting bamboo and other glasses, digging the soils, etc.). We will also help to maintain the nature school (e.g., cutting glasses, prepare the camp site) as well as to run their “Open School” program where families and adults will enjoy the nature.

Study Theme: Community farms in each country. Bring some info.!

Accommodation: Dormitory building of the school (Quite comfortable!). Sleeping bag is not necessary. Meals will be cooked by volunteers by turns.

Language: English (Japanese is also welcomed!)

Requirements: High motivation to work for the community farm. Similar types of experience and Japanese speaking skill are welcome!

Approximate Location: South west of Hokkaido island. Full of beautiful nature with national reserve of beech forests, a river and wetland. Main industry is cattle farming.

Notes: Let's develop the community farm and biotope in Hokkaido which is famous for beautiful nature and tasty, fresh food! The host NGO is specialized for environmental education.

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