Jean Pain Compost, Apples and Participatory Art in the Ecovillage

SE-IAL 11.4
26.9.2017 - 9.10.2017
artistic, enviromental
18 - 99
Voľné miesta:
Muž: 3, Žena: 2

Description: Suderbyn is a young international ecovillage on the island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea in Sweden. Since 2008, residents and volunteers have been building a low-impact permaculture ecovillage with their own resources, relying mainly on volunteerism. Suderbyn’s office hosts a range of NGOs and organisations, among which are Baltic Ecovillage Network and IAL, the Swedish branch of SCI. We have a vegetable and herb garden and a geodesic dome on its way to further development as a greenhouse and biogas production unit (and a lot more). For more information about Suderbyn visit or follow community stories on

Type of Work: The practical work will be directly linked to both the daily life of Suderbyn as a community and some special on-going projects: participants will help in the making of a Jean Pain compost, harvesting and conserving apples and doing some creative eco-painting / creating a mosaic (depending on the weather) in different spots in the ecovillage. If you're interested in sustainable lifestyle and don't mind getting your hands dirty either, this is the perfect autumn camp for you!

Study Theme: The overarching study theme of the workcamp will be energy and food sovereignity. There will be a study part about different types of compost, including energy production from composting, and also about ecovillages and permaculture in general – a complex set of principles that Suderbyn is aiming to adopt in its everyday life.

Accommodation: Simple conditions, sleeping in shared rooms, on beds or mattresses. There are two showers and two dry compost toilets outside and one inside. Please note that there will be vegetarian and vegan food ONLY. Food will be cooked by the volunteers, assisted by one community member for each meal.

Language: English

Requirements: Before applying for a place in the camp, please keep in mind that there will only be vegetarian / vegan food and there will be no possiblity to request any meat products during your stay in the ecovillage. Eating vegetarian and vegan is part of Suderbyn's value system and we ask you to please respect this.

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