Integrating Traditions in Lieksa

FI-KVT 13.1
11.8.2017 - 25.8.2017
manual, social
18 - 99
Voľné miesta:
Muž: 2, Žena: 1

Description: Lieksa is a small town located in North Karelia, Eastern Finland. The camp host, Lieksan tukipiste, is a local volunteer organization that offers support for the residents of Lieksa, for example young and elderly people. The aim of the workcamp is to bring together the different nationalities residing in Lieksa. The volunteers will work together with young people and asylum seekers living in Lieksa.

During their free time the volunteers will have the opportunity to experience the Finnish nature, to go to the sauna and swim row boats in Lake Pielinen. They can also visit the local museum.

Type of Work: During the first week of the camp, the volunteers will be cleaning up a local camping site. The second week will be more social, and can be arranged along the volunteers' interests. Visits to the local vocational school can be planned, and the program of the visits will be produced by the volunteers.

There will be a forest day, during which the volunteers will be guided to collect berries and mushrooms from the forest.

On 17th of August, the volunteers will have a picnic with the people of Lieksa, and the day before the volunteers will bake Karelian pastries and other pastries from different cultures. There will also be an opportunity to go fishing on the picnic day. Different kinds of shared activities can be planned according to the volunteers' own interests.

Study Theme: Community life in a multicultural environment. Helping young people get past their prejudices. Possibilities to learn about local nature and history.

Accommodation: Shared accommodation in beds / on mattresses on the floor. Showers and toilets in the same building. Bring your own sleeping bag! Lieksan Tukipiste will provide the meals on the working days, but the volunteers can also cook themselves, and an international buffet will be planned.

Language: English

Requirements: An open mind and a desire to work together with young people.

Approximate Location: Lieksa, Eastern Finland

Notes: This workcamp is part of the international campaign "Building Bridges" which aims to raise awareness and stimulate the reflection about the current refugee crisis and forced migration in general. Through non-formal learning methods, participants will be able to share knowledge and experiences about the situation of refugees and asylum seekers in different countries as well as volunteering projects that locally support refugees and asylum seekers. Volunteers will be encouraged to think about how they can make a contribution to peaceful living together of people from all origins in their home town.

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